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Post on Nord | What it means to Choose Chico

The Post on Nord loves Chico California and we hope you fall in love too.

With Choose Chico coming up on April 7th, we have been reminiscing a little bit about why we Chose Chico. Thinking back at everything we love about Chico here are a few of our reasons we chose the city of trees!

  • Juliet- All my friends and family are really close to Chico. I still get to go home every Sunday for church and time with my loved ones.
  • Marissa- I chose Chico because of how different it was from Southern California. I wanted a completely different experience from where I grew up. I was so happy with my decision.
  • Jessie- It was the perfect distance away from my family. I wanted my independence but I also wanted to be able to come back home whenever I missed them.
  • Lindsay- Nature! I love everything about the outdoors and Chico is the perfect placed to go exploring.
  • Naomi- I fell in love with the community. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I felt right at home.
  • Fabian- CSU Chico has one of the best pre-nursing programs in the nation. I followed my passion and found a school that believed in its students.

Whichever college you end up choosing we hope you feel at home and have the best 4 years of your life.