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Post on Nord | Holiday Gifts on a Budget

We know you’re struggling to get that gift list together for this holiday season! We polled our college age staff and residents to come up with a list of gifts perfect for that college student in your life. Here are 5 great gifts for broke college students!


1. Groceries

This may feel like a no brainer, but often people forget what it was like to live off of Ramen noodles and tuna sandwiches in college! A gift basket full of toiletry items and groceries they used to take for granted when they lived with their parents makes a great gift!

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a win for college students. Especially if you’re not that close to the student in question, a gift card is an easy go-to. Favorites for college students right now include Amazon and fast food joints like Chick-Fil-A. When asked, however, most students will tell you VISA. This may feel impersonal to the older generations, but it’s what the student wants most! You can’t go wrong with good old cash, either.

3. On Campus Bookstore Gift Cards

This is a big one that will actually help with their education. If you want to go more for something you KNOW they will use, go for an on-campus bookstore gift certificate. Books are expensive and most of the time not covered, even for some scholarship students.

4. School Merch

If your student is the school spirit type, get some merch! College merch can often get pricy and students are less likely to buy it for themselves when they’re living paycheck to paycheck. College students can have a lot of school pride and want to rep their school to events or even just to class. This is a good pick for a winter hoodie!

5. Gas Card

This one is self-explanatory. While we think running out of gas is sort of a college student rite of passage, it’s definitely not fun! Make sure your student is taken care of this winter break!