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Post on Nord


We want your college student to be successful throughout their career at California State University Chico.  Students who live in student oriented housing get better grades. This applies not just to freshmen but students of all levels in any area. They need a good infrastructure and support to gain this success. At The Post on Nord, we want to help support their productivity by giving them a fully equipped computer lab and study lounge at their fingertips. We want to keep them healthy with an on-site 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center. We also want to help them relax and meet their neighbors by providing them with academic-oriented lounge areas located throughout the property. The Post on Nord meets every need that your student will encounter while in college. We believe in providing them excellent customer service so they can achieve everything they came to Chico for, in an enjoyable environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have an individual lease?

Individual leasing means that each person is only responsible for their portion of the common areas and their bedroom. If your roommate ends up not coming back for the spring semester, you’re not responsible for their payment.

What is included in the rent?

The Post on Nord’s rent makes life easy. Your rent includes: utilities (water, sewer, trash pickup, electric with a Green Cap), premium cable package, wireless Internet, washer & dryer, access to all of The Post on Nord’s amenities, and a wonderful staff that is there to help you anytime you need them.

Do you have a roommate matching system?

Yes, we offer a roommate matching system. If you don’t have anyone in mind that you would like to live with, let us match you up with someone! There is a Roommate Matching Sheet that you will fill out to let us know more about what you’re looking for in a roommate. Then, we spend weeks in the summer figuring out the best match for you based on that information.

When is my rent due?

You have three installment payment options to pay the entire amount due under the lease – one installment, two installments, or twelve installments.  If you choose to pay a single installment for the entire amount, that single installment is due August 1.  If you choose to pay in two semester installments, those installments are due August 1 and January 1.  If you choose to pay in twelve installments, the first installment is due on August 1 and the remaining eleven installments are due on the 1st of the next eleven months.  Please note that these are all installment payment options and not monthly rent.

How do I pay my rent?

Pay with a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Pay with a credit card online through The Post on Nord's Resident Portal. Service fee may apply.* Have your financial institution automatically deduct rent from your bank account each month to send in payment. Pay with an e-check online using your resident portal free of charge!

Do you allow pets?

Pets are allowed at The Post on Nord. Please call the leasing office for more info on our pet policy!

Is there insurance coverage in the event of a fire, theft or natural causes? Does my lease provide coverage for my belongings?

The Post on Nord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings. We suggest getting renter’s insurance for this reason. It is generally inexpensive and will cover your personal belongings if something were to happen.

What if I need to break my lease or don't return for the spring semester?

The Post on Nord's lease is binding and cannot be broken. If you cannot live at The Post on Nord after signing your lease, you will need to re-let, or find a replacement for your space. Please call the leasing office for information on re-letting.

What if I need maintenance in my bedroom or apartment?

If you need maintenance, simply go to your resident portal on our website and fill out a maintenance request. You can also call or stop by the front desk. If it is an emergency, please notify the front office immediately. Work orders are inspected within 24 hours of submitting in most cases!

What furniture is provided?

The Post on Nord is fully-furnished with a mattress (Full or Twin XL), bed frame, large desk and chair, and dresser. The living area comes with a comfortable couch, chair, coffee table, and flat screen LED TV. The kitchen comes fully equipped with energy efficient appliances, full size refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and washer & dryer.

How do I receive mail and packages?

Your mail will be delivered to your apartment’s mailbox located conveniently at the clubhouse. If you receive a package that doesn’t fit in the mailbox, you will receive a key in your mailbox with instructions to pick up from the on-site office or nearby parcel locker. Other carriers may deliver to your apartment door.

How close are you to campus?

We are located at 1200 Nord Avenue, just a short bike ride away from the Chico State campus! Being able to wake up and quickly get to that early morning class is one of the big advantages of living at The Post on Nord! Our community is being built along Nord Avenue. We are extremely excited to continue in Chico's growth, as well as facilitate an increase in pedestrian and bike mobility to and from Chico State's Campus.

What type of parking is available at your community?

The Post on Nord offers plenty of on-site car, scooter, and bicycle parking options. Our various types of parking range in price! We do offer a limited number of reserved parking spots in prime locations for a monthly fee. Please contact the office for further details.

What do I need to bring to my new apartment?

We suggest that you bring: bedding for either a Full or Twin XL-sized bed (floorplan dependent), toiletries, dishes/cookware and decorations to make your new room feel like home!

What kinds of events do you have at The Post on Nord?

These events range from pizza parties to karaoke nights, resume building classes to gaming tournaments and so much more! Each month, The Post on Nord will focus on a plan for your student with education oriented events, charitable events, and even guest lectures. Annually, The Post on Nord will have events such as a Welcome Back Party at the beginning of the fall semester, a Community Service event in the spring, and a large competition among the residents and staff, as well as, many holiday events throughout the year. We will also keep our residents connected to events going on at Chico State, as well as, events happening around town so they don’t miss anything!

Are leases for families with children available?

Yes. The property’s policy is included here for family occupants with a child(ren) under the age of eighteen (18) who is domiciled with (i) at least one parent, legal guardian, or another person having legal custody of the child under the age of eighteen, or (ii) the designee of such parent or other person having such custody, with written permission of such parent or other person. For family households with children, all household members age eighteen (18) or older must: (A) complete an application, and (B) sign the lease as a Resident. For family households with children under the age of eighteen (18), at least two (2) people will be permitted to occupy a single bedroom. If a family household with children under the age of eighteen (18) requires additional occupancy per bedroom, additional occupants may be allowed on a case-by-case basis based on factors including, but not limited to, the size of the bedroom(s) and unit, age of the children, configuration of the unit, any physical limitations of the property, and local occupancy codes. If the child occupant reaches eighteen (18) years of age during the term of the lease, the lease will be allowed to complete its term, but renewal will only be offered in compliance with the occupancy policy as stated. Child occupants who are under twenty-four (24) months at the time the lease is signed will not be counted under the occupancy policy for purposes of maximum occupancy but will be counted for subsequent leases if they reach the age of twenty-four (24) months during the term of the lease. The Landlord has the right to lease any empty bedroom(s). Families should contact the office directly regarding the application for family households, as this process varies from individual leasing and the required forms are not all available electronically.

What if I don't have a guarantor?

No Guarantor? No Problem, The Post on Nord offers Leap as an option! Leap is a quick and easy process that fills in for a guarantor or parent co-signer. Leap's application is free online and takes around 5 minutes to complete. You will get a conditional decision within 30 minutes during normal business hours. Click here to apply or contact the office for more information.


Student Benefits

Get Better Grades

Students who live with other students achieve higher grades than those who do not and are almost twice as likely to make the Dean’s list. This is true for all college students of all grade levels, not just freshmen.

Assure Graduating

Students who live with other students have been shown to have a much higher rate of graduation. The chance of graduating increases by approximately 25% for those who live at least two years or more with other students, not just their first year.

Forge Lasting Friendships

Students who live with other students develop last friendships with individuals who can help through the tough times, be there during the happy times and be witness to all the first-time experiences that college life brings.

Save Money

Students will have to spend money on extra out-of-pocket expenses like monthly utilities or furnishing an apartment.

Cut Out The Commute

The price of gas and parking make living next to campus an economical choice. Students also save time by avoiding traffic and the time it takes to park and then walk to class. In addition, it also helps to lower our carbon footprint, making living next to campus the greenest choice a student can make.

Access Campus and Student Sponsored Events

A short walk takes students to the campus facilities like the library and classrooms. This gives students easy access to dialogues, presentations, art shows and sporting events. There is a high degree of association between being involved in campus activities and staying in school.


In a conventional apartment complex or house, students may live next to anyone, good or bad. Post on Nord is a student oriented living community designed with the modern student’s needs in mind.

Stress-Free Move!

Moving into Post on Nord will be the easiest thing you have ever done.  With a fully furnished apartment, all appliances already present, and a fully loaded clubhouse/amenity package, all you need to bring is a suitcase and your toothbrush!  No more hassle of moving furniture, moving trucks, or appliance rentals.

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